Hi there,

my name is Tom and i’m telling you now storys outa my life.

Let’s start with Cirque du Soleil.

I was working for this amazing circus in munich and i like it. These people and artistics there are great.

And they make party, i can tell you: You never think, that a boy, who perform 6 days a week, can make such a dirty party all night long on the 7th day.

But they are work hard for their sucess and the entertainment, so they have to freak out sometimes;)

So, the greatest thing is, they perform 2 shows on a sunday, we go to a intern party, where the band plays instead of the classic songs in the cirque show, hard rock and blues songs. And they rock, really well. Unbelievable, man! And the hammer is, after 2 hours concert, they come back on stage and jam with some people of the crew! Amazing!!!

I enjoy it to work with such proffessionals and this time put me, to do a clown workshop in november this year.

So, stay tuned for greater experience with me and my life (sorry for my bad grammar, but i will improve it and talk sometime in good old german;)

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